FEED Whole Grain Granola

Last week, the awesome boys over at FEED shipped me a package of four varieties of whole grain granola. I was excited to try their products for a couple of reasons: 1. I am a granola fiend (note blog name) and 2. The creators, Jason and Jason, developed the original recipes out of their West Village apartment. So imagine fumbling around in your tiny New York City kitchen, creating some tasty granola recipes, and eventually starting your own business. How neat is that?! Obviously there were many steps along the way to get their product out on the mass market, but I’m still pretty impressed with the Jasons and their grassroots creation. So, many thanks to my fellow crunchy granola New Yorkers at FEED, and onwards with the granola testing project…

My first granola tasting occurred the night this wonderful package was received. I eat ice cream/ frozen yogurt almost every evening after dinner, so it was very natural for me to jazz things up a bit with some bittersweet-ness, a flavor with vanilla and chocolate thrown into the mix. This granola tasted very distinct — it is definitely more of a sweet, dessert-type of treat. I liked the crunch and the fact that the chocolate wasn’t too overpowering — just the right amount of dark chocolate bittersweet-ness:


I took pictures of all of the short inspirational notes on the back of the bags. I think this is my favorite, as it is my food mantra:


Close up and personal:


The following morning, I opted for the raisin nut variety. I bought my favorite yogurt from the Union Square Greenmarket, Hawthorne Valley Farm Plain Whole Milk yogurt. As an aside, this yogurt is amazing rich and delicious. The granola and fresh yogurt combined perfectly to create a fulfilling breakfast. I like the texture of this granola — crunchy, but not too crunchy like other brands’ low-fat varieties. Also, the level of sweetness was on target.



High quality for sure:


The following morning, I decided to slice up an apple in my yogurt and combine it with the apple a day variety. I’m not usually a fan of apple-flavored granola because I hate the dried apple pieces, but this variety had very small pieces so it didn’t throw off the texture of the granola.



For the record, I eat at least one apple every day…

Back to the good stuff: dessert. This time I went for real vanilla ice cream with cranberry coconut granola. Can we say foodgasmic? Because it was.

You’re jealous of this mix:

The Verdict

FEED Granola is a delectable, healthful breakfast item, dessert addition, or snack, made with all-natural ingredients such as agave nectar and flax seeds. I prefer it over other brands because its taste and nutrition are somewhere in the middle — it’s not too sugary but it has a decent amount of sweetness to it. Nor is it very high in fat, but it has enough canola oil so it’s not super crunchy and cardboard-like. I’ve had many granolas in my day (I am Crunchy Granola Gal, after all), but this brand takes the cake thus far. Now all I need to do is figure out more creative ways to eat granola to make a dent in the four bags I’ve got in my cupboard!

Fine granola art:


Silly granola lovin’ gal:

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7 responses to “FEED Whole Grain Granola

  1. Lucky! I recently discovered my love for granola, too. I like them warmed up with a bit of milk, and with melted chunks of chocolate and almonds! :-)

  2. i need to contact them! i love their backstory. granola has to be one of my top ten favorite foods – need to get my hands on this one!

  3. Yum! Never heard of them before! Sounds yummy :)



  4. Jul

    Oh my gosh! Looks wonderful. Heading over to their website right now to see how I might be able to sample some for myself!


  5. i have been trying to find those granolas everywhere with little success! i think they look so good, and the fact they concocted that out of their NYC apt is truly impressive!

  6. Kate

    I LOVE FEED granola!!! Wish they had some coupons, though, but this another instance where you get what you pay for – very yummy!

  7. Sounds like FEED makes some awesome granola! Granola with fruit and yogurt is the best way to go.

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