The Last (Pre-Half Marathon) Supper

Tomorrow morning I’m running the New York City Half Marathon. I’d love to be sipping on a margarita right about now, but instead I am finishing up my research paper and winding down (it’s 7PM – I feel old) for the evening. Today was spent researching, gallivanting through The Slope, and writing. Am I nervous for tomorrow’s race? Heck yes. I know I won’t set any personal records, as my training has not been up to par. Unfortunately my mind has been off in SofiaLand where no strangers (myself included) dare to wander. Cryptic? Just a bit. Do I even know what I’m talking about? Not really.

To make thing’s a little less confusing and a bit more joyous for you all, here’s a shot of a tasty little (free!) macaron from Almondine, a bakery in my ‘hood:

The last supper was consumed rather early to ensure proper pre-race digestion, and a good appetite for a quick snack when I wake up at 4:30AM tomorrow. Pictured below is some Brad’s Organic whole wheat fusilli with broccoli, mushrooms, green lentils, TJ’s shredded cheese and RagĂș:

My pre-race altar, as per Coach Mindy‘s advice:

Now I’m off to do that whole race visualization thing, which I think will turn into my visualizing a post-race shower, food and bed. And then some pizza and wine after I’ve recovered. Wish me luck!

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2 responses to “The Last (Pre-Half Marathon) Supper

  1. Ellen

    Hope the race went well! Does visualization work for you? I went to a sports psychologist once when I was younger for swimming, and he had me do a lot of visualizing. I think it just stressed me out more!

    • i think it would help me if i visualized with a broader idea in mind, simply related to a restful runner’s mind. but for a particular race/ event – i agree, it’s too much pressure!

      thanks for stopping by :)

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