An Apartment of One’s Own

A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to survive in New York? Sure, I’m gonna go with that. Let’s face it: housing is a basic need. When tornadoes tear the roof off your apartment and you need to find a new home, you’re kind of in a tough spot. And so this weekend us roommates scoured craigslist, called numerous real estate salesmen and landlords, and viewed numerous apartments. We went from Greenpoint to Williamsburg and Fort Greene and then back to Williamsburg again.

We passed some classic coffee shops along the way, stopping at a few to plug in our laptops and phones, do more research and make more phone calls, and recharge with coffee and soda.

Finally, we found a gem. This unassuming building in Williamsburg has a newly renovated four bedroom apartment that fit us (almost) perfectly. Of course, very few units in New York real estate are 100% ideal (price, layout, whatever – there’s always something off) but we found an apartment that is more than workable and suitable for our needs. And it’s brand spankin’ new, from the kitchen appliances to the bathrooms. We even watched as the skylight was lowered into place.

The search took up half of Saturday and all of Sunday, leaving the four of us exhausted. After a humorous lease-signing process in what I like to call Hasidimland, we drove back to the block of our apartment and skipped along the streets happily, looking for a cheap place to grab some grub. We ended up at Manna, a 24-hour falafel spot. I won’t say it was the best falafel or chicken pita you can get in the ‘hood, but when you’re hungry, everything tastes heavenly.

The Twin takes a bite:

My chicken pita-wich mess:

Drinks were necessary after such a draining yet successful day. And so after our OMGI’MSOHUNGRY stuff-food-in-mouth feeding hour, we grabbed some margaritas and such at Elote, another neighborhood spot. I got a decently strong margarita (with Grand Marnier!) for ten bucks.

…and breathed a deep sigh of relief. We move on Wednesday, and soon after my Williamsburg exploration project begins. Before then, I have several reading and writing assignments to get through and am attempting to limit my internet surfage time (fat chance). If I start posting pictures of myself wearing flannel and skinny jeans, please (cyber)smack me?

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9 responses to “An Apartment of One’s Own

  1. I am just getting caught up on everything – I can’t BELIEVE you are moving again because of a TORNADO.


    Anyway, good luck! The new place looks great, although I’m sure you would rather have stayed put!

  2. Bravo for having such a great attitude when faced with such extreme circumstances – it says a lot about you! :) The new place sounds great – can’t wait to hear of your excursions in the ‘burg. Hope you’re getting some work done!

  3. sarah

    Congrats on the new apartamiento! That’s pretty amazing that you were able to find one so quickly – hooray for good friends and perseverance. I yes must come visit. Am checking handy dandy planner.

  4. Hey there! I moved so many times where I first moved to NYC–my favorite was the E. Village ( I lived on 9th and 2nd) amazing street! Glad you were able to find a new apt–enjoy it!


  5. Damn, girl. Way to make lemonade out of lemons! Your new place sounds awesome. Can’t wait to visit :)

  6. Congrats!! I’ve heard so much about Williamsburg in terms of it being hipsterville, but I’ve never been. Looking forward to seeing another side of it!

  7. Oh man! You JUST moved! That is so annoying! Freaking tornadoes.

  8. I like Williamsburg. Don’t get there often, but it’s a nice hood for sure. Wishing you all the best on your move and am sorry to hear you are relocating after that crazy tornado!

    Check out Barcade if you have the chance. Awesome bar with FROGGER! (and a bunch of other old school games).

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